April 10, 2017

So Aesthetics Don’t Really Matter?

Let’s take a look at an example. There is this company called Ling’s Cars. Their website is horrendous, but it’s definitely consistent with the rest of their straight up crazy marketing efforts. And judging by the numbers in the following video of Dragons’ Den, this ‘ugly branding’ is doing them just fine.

But of course you’re probably not a startup that advertises with tanks and missiles, so a nice-looking website will definitely make you more money. And that’s why you need to hire design talent. People don’t know exactly what makes one site better-designed than another, but they still trust attractive websites more. If you’re DIY-ing, here’s how you can improve your design.

You need the whole package. Polished landing pages, an intuitive product, and consistent branding. And that’s why good designers are expensive.

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