Our Services

Website Development

At Kente Media we know that your website can make the difference between you and your competitors. If you do not have a web site designed yet or need to have your current website re-designed we can assist you design a high end website that will help you attract new clients and expand your business.

Our website design team uses the latest cutting edge technologies and ensures your website and corporate image represents your business at its best.

For a superior web experience, we specialize uses the latest technology and tools in website design to engage your clients. In addition, all our websites are search engine optimized in their structure.

Mobile App Development

Why get a mobile app for your business? Your customers can benefit from being able to access your products/services anytime making it convenient and enhancing your ability to serve them 24 hours without live customer service. It also acts as a marketing tool and can easily be integrated with social media. An excellent way for your customers to share your business and their experience with family and friends.

You can also share upcoming promotions easily through mobile apps, allowing customers to easily take advantage of it. For example the functions allows your customers to be the first to buy discounted tickets, book reservations or buy your products. In a world where almost everyone owns a cellphone it is imperative for every business to have a mobile app.

Graphic Design

Kente Media is the one-stop resource for all your graphic design needs! Here you will find the solutions for all your requirements – from the outline of concepts and messages of your graphic, to the final printing.

Graphics are the spearhead of marketing efforts: their purpose is not only to inform the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. Our approach to graphic design revolves around these concepts and around one key element: your own input.

The creation of such a delicate and important tool for your business must be left in the hands of professional designers! Our experience and skill ensure that the graphic we create for you will be of the same caliber of marketing materials used by large corporations, but you will pay only a fraction of the price these companies spend on their designs. Our designs are affordable and high-quality end products. 100% custom designs, no templates.


Kente Media houses a state of the art studio with beautiful props custom crafted to suit all kinds of background effects. Our commercial photography service concentrates on product shots for websites and stationery. We have a food stylists who specializes in prepping and styling food with various techniques to give it the best optical illusion.

We are available for high school senior pictures, professional corporate & executive headshots, actor headshots and wedding photography. We do not offer boudoir photography at this time. Our approach is candid, artistic photo journalism.

Promotional Products

Use your logo strategically on promotional items like mugs, T-shirts, bags, coasters etc… Choose promotional products that are functional, like phone chargers or thumb drives, so they actually get used where people can see them so they do the marketing for you. Even branding on useful items your staff uses with clients, such as logo pens, can have a big impact.

Wearable branded items can be worn by customers and staff. Advertising this way is very effective.  Even if you rely on email marketing, social media or websites for the bulk of your outreach, there’s always a need for printed outreach. The users of the promotional materials you give away will also be a mouthpiece to explain your services when the need arises. They will rock your branded products and recommend your service as well.

Video and Animation

We offer a myriad of animation and related services which generally include:

2D Animation

We create lively 2d animation characters with the help of prudent technical animation techniques. Our experts make use of advanced methods like that of morphing, interpolated roto-scoping, etc. We work to assist in developing eLearning courses, games, website banners, simulations, corporate presentations, product demos and animated logos etc.

3D Animation

We start off by making use of polygons for creating figures. This is followed by usage of digital armatures to bring life into the figures. Our animators are specialized in motion capture, morph target animation, skeletal animation, crowd simulation and a lot more.

Animated videos

We create animated videos that can exceptionally beneficial for your business presentation. With our provisions you can capture the attention of audience and communicate the ideas in a more precise manner.

Illustrations and Storyboards

Animated GIFs or illustrations are lightweight and are helpful in communicating business advertisements and creative ideas on varied social networking websites. We create illustrations, frame by frame with Photoshop and this is then exported as any file format, as you prefer. They are very effective for development courses, training processes and these are instrumental in creating explainer videos as well. It is a versatile and cheaper option. We create hand-drawn, influential and high quality videos.